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Holter & Event Monitors

Cardiology Associates offers several small, portable heart monitors that can be worn easily during normal daily activities.  These monitors are designed to show the cardiologist your heart activity outside of the office for an extended length of time.  The main reason for their use is to detect abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias), or to see if symptoms you may be having are associated with abnormal heart activity.

The monitor that is used to record heart activity for 24 or 48 hours is the Holter Monitor.  Up to five small electrodes or "leads" are placed on the chest under your shirt; these are connected by wires to a small recorder (monitor).  The recorder itself is small (like a cell phone) and can tuck into a pocket.  Heart activity is automatically recorded onto a computer chip during normal daily activity.  The monitor is then returned to our office and the information is interpreted by a cardiologist.

An Event Monitor is used for a longer period of time, commonly for 30 days; although it can be worn continuously during that period, it is also possible for the patient to apply the monitor just while experiencing symptoms.  This monitor is also small like a cell phone, can tuck into a pocket, and is attached to the chest wall using leads.  Whenever the patient feels symptoms, a transmission is made to our office by placing the monitor over a phone.  That transmission of heart activity is interpreted by a cardiologist each time.  The monitor is returned after the specified length of time.

Some common reasons for monitoring include:

  • Feelings of palpitations or irregular heart beats
  • Unexplained dizziness or fainting
  • To determine the frequency of a known arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm)

There is no special preparation for this test, and these monitors are comfortable to wear and easy to use.  Please bring your insurance card and co-pay (if any) to your appointment.

We hope this has been helpful, but should you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at (203)265-9831 and ask for the Testing Department.