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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)

Cardiology Associates offers a small, portable blood pressure monitor that can be worn easily during normal daily activities to automatically record your blood pressures over an extended periord of time (usually 24 hours) outside of your doctor's office. 

Some common reasons for monitoring include:

  • To identify "white coat hypertension" (high blood pressure that occurs when you are at a healthcare facility, that does not occur with normal daily activities).
  • To ensure your blood pressure medications are giving you adequate protection during all of your daily activities.
  • To get accurate blood pressure readings while you are sleeping; sleeping blood pressure trends can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure.

This device can be fully concealed under a shirt or blouse.  The blood pressure cuff is placed on the upper arm and is attached to the recorder by a thin blood pressure tube; the recorder is small, like a cell phone, and can tuck into a pocket.  A shirt or blouse is worn over top of it all.

You will usually be asked to wear the monitor for 24 hours and then return it to our office for interpretation of the data.  You are able to do all of your normal daily activities, including work; it is simple to remove the monitor when taking a shower or swimming, and to reapply it when you are done.  The monitor is set to auto-inflate and measure your blood pressure every 20 minutes during the day, and every hour during sleep; the information is automatically saved onto a computer chip. The monitor is comfortable and easy to use.

There is no special preparation for this test.  Please bring your insurance card and co-pay (if any) to your appointment.

We hope this has been helpful, but should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at (203)265-9831 and ask for the Testing Department.